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nephew n : a son of your brother or sister [ant: niece]

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From neveu (modern neveu), from nepos


  • (RP): /ˈnɛv.ju/, /nEvju/ (somewhat dated) or /ˈnɛf.ju/, /nEfju/


  1. A son of one's sibling; either a son of one's brother (fraternal nephew) or a son of one's sister (sororal nephew).


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fraternal or sororal nephew

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For the band, see Nephew (band)
Nephew is a term referring to the son of one's sibling. Sons of siblings-in-law are also informally referred to as nephews, even though there is no blood relation. The word nephew is derived from the French word neveu.
  • Nephew = son of your sister or brother.
  • Niece = daughter of your sister or brother.
  • Nephew(-in-law) = son of your sister-in-law or brother-in-law.
  • Niece(-in-law) = daughter of your sister-in-law or brother-in-law.

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  • For details of this and other family relationships, see the entry at cousin.


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aunt, auntie, blood brother, brethren, brother, bub, bubba, bud, buddy, country cousin, cousin, cousin once removed, cousin twice removed, daughter, father, first cousin, foster brother, frater, grandnephew, grandniece, granduncle, great-aunt, great-uncle, half brother, kid brother, mother, niece, nuncle, nunks, nunky, second cousin, sis, sissy, sister, sister-german, sistern, son, stepbrother, stepsister, unc, uncle, uncs, uterine brother
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